Appliance Pricing
Appliance prices change regularly. On top of that prices can be confusing because there are as many models and features in appliances today as there is in new cars! The easiest way I have found to help customers navigate through the �Appliance Jungle� of today is this:
Spend some time at the manufacture�s web site to start becoming familiar with what is currently out there. If you can�t find what you want then call us and we will tell you whether or not it exists and how to find it if it does. Be prepared to find numerous models that seem similar yet vary in price widely. Ignore price initially and focus on the features you need and want. Narrow down the models based on your needs, not what someone is trying to sell you. Once you have cut the field down to a reasonable size (say 3-6 models) and still haven�t decided come talk to the people who sell and service them, us. We will tell you the pros & cons of your selections based on how they relate to your needs. This is the point where you want to consider price verses features and be able to make your final selection. Today there is something out there for almost anyone but on the other hand the selection process requires a little more time and effort to get a good outcome! There is simply no point in buying an appliance that will frustrate you when you could just as easily had one that brings you happiness.
While you are at the manufactures web sites you will see the lower 48 pricing. You can use these as guidelines in terms of the relative (least expensive, middle of the road, most expensive, etc.) cost when comparing features. Our prices will be either the same or with in $50-$100 of those lower 48 prices in almost all cases. Our prices are Homer prices and already include the shipping and handling charges required to get your appliances here. These prices, plus sales tax (7.85% on the first $500 of your purchase up to a maximum of $39.25 per transaction) is what it will cost you to pick up your appliance at our Homer location. If this is confusing then just call and we will be happy to share the bottom line with you!

Service Pricing
Repairs and service prices are determined by where the appliance is physically located (time, distance, and difficulty of getting there and back) parts needed, and amount of labor required. We cover such a large and varied area that it is impossible to have a standard service call rate. Call us, tell us your individual situation, and we will give you the corresponding rates.

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